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Here’s a look at the installation of the Windows Server Essentials Connector, focusing on the home user, who may prefer to stay in a workgroup rather than setver a domain. It’s a bit faster and simpler to install this way, and has proven to be well suited for my extended family’s eszentials backup needs.

The focus is on end-user simplicity, with an alternative to auto-starting LaunchPad. Admittedly, there is a DNS related drawback to this workgroup install, but there is a work-around I created, explained here. This workaround will need to be applied manually to each client after the launchpaf rollup. But eventually, Microsoft may make an actual fix, as they sort of promised me, here’s the excerpt from the article :.

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Windows server 2012 essentials launchpad windows 10 free


You will also learn how to connect with database, database objects, transaction processing, deploying SAP SQL Anywhere, stored procedures and triggers. Before attending this SAP Enterprise Architecture Designer course, delegates should have basic knowledge about enterprise architecture.

An enterprise architecture, organisations can provide information base of easy-to-consume documentation that describes the relationships between the business and technical guiding principles and structures. This 1-day course is delivered by our industry experienced trainers that allow delegates to define, imitate and analyse the information landscape, requirements, architecture import via CSV file, business processes, performing an impact analysis, framework, and other objects within a business.

This course is open for anyone who wants to improve their knowledge and skills in global agribusinesses. SAP Rural Sourcing Management Training Course Overview SAP Rural Sourcing Management is a mobile business application connecting smallholder farmers and suppliers in pastoral areas with the supply chain of global agribusinesses and customer products companies.

The app also allows the integration to cashless payments, as well as access to information about the transactions. SAP Rural Sourcing Management is specifically designed to increase productivity and improve communities’ livelihoods by providing full transparency on the supply chain and their participants and full traceability of agricultural products.

They will also learn the user roles of regional centre manager, warehouse manager, buying station manager and organiser.

It is used to implement highly scalable data warehouses and is designed for organisations that combine large data volumes with high user concurrency requirements and ad-hoc queries. This training will cover the following concepts:. This training will be taught by our industry-experienced instructor who has full knowledge about the SAP IQ.

Prerequisites Delegates should have some experience in data modelling and SQL before taking this course. This tool is used to retrieve and store data which is requested by various applications. This useful system also performs advanced data queries such as text analysis, streaming analytics, data processing and many other functions. Prerequisites Having a basic knowledge of data quality management and metadata management is required before taking this course.

This SAP Information Steward course has been specifically designed for solution consultants who are responsible for implementing information governance projects. This course has also been recommended for power users who are responsible for implementing, administering, and managing information governance projects. After successfully completing this course, delegates will have the knowledge to enable customers to install, implement and maintain their SAP Information Steward landscape.

Other skills that delegates will learn include integrating data and creating data validation files to visualize data quality assessment results. Delegates will also be able to understand the concepts of technical metadata integration and unified business term glossary after completing this course.

Speak to a training expert for advice if you are unsure of what course is right for you. Course was run very smoothly, Richard our trainer was extremely knowledgeable and delivered the course in a succinct fashion with a twist of humour thrown in. The course was great and the so was the trainer – brilliantly delivered and I would certainly recommend this course to my colleagues. Thanks to Richard for a great course and delivering it a tough environment virtually.

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I had to use ISO installation askubuntu. Ok this worked for me. Show 5 more comments. ChrisJ ChrisJ 4 4 silver badges 2 2 bronze badges. Worked for me on Ubuntu 14 LTS. Worked for me for Ubuntu Worked for me on Ubuntu Make sure to reboot the machine after the installation.

Worked on I still can’t copy and paste things from the host to the guest though also not with any of the other methods mentioned here ; shouldn’t that work after this? Show 2 more comments. These steps finally allowed me to have a full screen terminal. My guest OS is Ubuntu Definitely an underrated answer — super straightforward and will allow you to install a newer version of the Guest Additions than may be available in your apt repo.

Best answer. IDK why all the other answers take unnecessary steps like building from source or creating virtual drives. I added a variation of this to my Vagrant provisioning script. Works perfect. Great post! Using Vagrant I found I can specify vagrant-vbguest as a plugin in my Vagrantfile : Here’s I’ve specified it as part of a list so other plugins can be specified if needed , config. Community Bot 1. O Peter. I get “Unable to locate package virtualbox-ose-guest-dkms”.

Do I need to add an apt repo? I think all you need to install on newer Ubuntus is the package virtualbox-guest-x11 , which will draw in any other required dependencies.

It’s now called virtualbox-guest-dkms. By the way, this is the only acceptable answer in this thread to me as this is the only way my guest additions worked in VBox. I’ve added my user to vboxusers group in advance, this might helped? I’ll never know, but I want to share in case this helps anyone else: sudo apt-get install virtualbox-guest-additions-iso sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get dist-upgrade sudo apt-get install virtualbox-guest-x11 And don’t forget to set your VirtualBox instance to use like MB video ram and Enable 3D Acceleration under the “Display” settings section for your instance, for good performance.

Clay Ferguson Clay Ferguson 4 4 silver badges 7 7 bronze badges. After installing docker in vagrant I had that error with Guest Addition. Thanks Clay. This worked for me for a Ubuntu Server David Levesque David Levesque 7 7 silver badges 11 11 bronze badges. Hello DavidLevesque , I’ve been tried in Also I tried with –nox11 parameters. Do you have any idea? It worked for me with Ubuntu DavidLevesque you’re right : I use VirtualBox v5.

And I install Ubuntu Server Additional Resources: Tools I did not use in the lab but I used them for preparation and they have come in handy for other tests. If you think you have a good understanding of what DNS is then you will also need to understand how to perform forward and reverse lookups.

In addition, you should also know how zone transfers work and how to perform them. Performing these tests will certainly help you better understand what your targets are in the lab. You will probably use this everyday If not most of the time while you are in the lab. I highly recommend you take some time to learn what the tool does, how each command switch works, each scanning technique you can run, and any other capabilities.

Nmap is a powerful tool that has the ability to determine what hosts are online, what services they are running, what operating system is running on that host, and dozens of characteristics. With NSE scripts you have the ability automate a wide variety of networking tasks for your scans including vulnerability detection and exploitation.

Here are my resources that I used to learn more about Nmap:. Masscan: A powerful tool that can be used to scan a set of requested ports against your targets. There are a variety of services running on so many systems…take the time to understand them!

Do not just scan them and move on. Take some time to look at each of them because they could be a key for you to obtain shell access on a system! Abatchy provided a link from 0day security that gave me a lot of ideas and things to look for that I may have missed when I skipped some the of the services in the lab.

I did not spend too much time in this section for preparation because vulnerability scanners are simple and easy to configure. In addition, the purpose of a vulnerability scanner is to identify security holes in services or in a operating system.

These scanners rely on a database that contains the necessary information needed to conduct a scan. A word of caution! Be careful when you use vulnerability scanners on your targets because there is a chance that some of the plugins or features can cause an impact to your target such as taking down that service, locking out user accounts, and even crash the system.

Nessus is more stable on Kali Linux and it has a simple straightforward interface. I also was able to use the Nessus Essential key for most of my testing and to help me get familiar with how these vulnerability scanners work. Nessus is a real popular tool for vulnerability scanning in the infosec world and I certainly encourage you to play with it! I went back to this section and I really enjoyed how OffSec took the time to go more in-depth on how you should build your web assessment methodology.

After all web apps are starting to become more popular to see on pentests. As a pentester you need to gather information about the web application. For instance you should ask yourself these questions:. As always enumeration is something that pentesters must continue to do when reviewing all possible attack avenues that could compromise the web application.

These tools are designed to brute force site structure including directories and files in websites. These tools can be able to identify hidden directory structures or webpages that can come in handy when you are in the labs or during your assessment.

A popular web application vulnerability scanner that contains a variety of features and plugins to identify web vulnerabilities on certain web applications. The tool uses an interception proxy that connects to your browser to route traffic through the Burp Suite proxy client. Once the interception proxy is configured you can start capturing and analyzing each request to and from the target web application.

A web server scanner which performs comprehensive tests against web servers for multiple items. Please keep this in mind that this tool is can be very noisy when scanning a targets web server.

Alumni Management System 1. File Inclusion Vulnerabilities. These tools below make it easy to automate the process for conducting a SQL Injection but it is possible that they can causes issues to a targets SQL Database. Here are a list of tools that I have played with to get a better understanding of how you can automate SQL Injections:.

Overthewire Natas: A set of wargame challenges that are web base that you will need to complete in order to move to the next round. I really enjoyed their challenges when I did them! My favorite section to learn about! The material provided in the PWK was fantastic and really straightforward.

Throughout the internet you will probably find a variety of different resources to help you understand how buffer overflows work. With that being said I will provide some of my notes and resources that helped me understand how buffer overflows.

Corelan Team: A huge shout out to these guys because their articles from information security to exploit development are absolutely incredible! They have an article they posted about Stack Based Overflows that gave me a better understanding of identifying a buffer overflow in an application:. Once I finished reading the articles I decided to start going through write-ups and forums where people manually identified buffer overflows in certain applications.

With these walkthroughs I used Exploit-DB to check if they had the vulnerable application in many cases. Social Engineering is one of the most common tactic that can be used to execute a proper client side attack. Depending on the tactic you use and the information you have gathered to plan this attack, you will have a better chance of success for the client to click on it.

Here are some client side attacks that are commonly used:. I would use these tools to learn how to make your own. Be creative when you are building your own Macros as using tools like this will be flagged by AV. There will come a time that you will need to use a public exploit on your target to see if you can obtain a shell on it.

With that exploit you may need to modify shellcode or even parts of the exploit to match with your system to obtain a connection from your target. A word of advice: Be aware of the exploits you download from the public! Although these exploits can endanger any system they could also endanger yours. Make sure you review the source code and test the exploits in an contained environment before running them on your actual system. Before you download a public exploit I would consider you take some time to review the code and understand what the exploit is suppose to actually too.

If you do not understand how the code works…do some research!!! I am absolutely positive you can find proof of concepts online and walkthroughs that will explain how the exploit actually works. Not all exploits are going to work right out of the box you will need to configure them to make sure they can reach back to your attacking system. You can also upload nmap xml files to Searchsploit so it can find available exploits that match your target.

Play with some of the other command switches that Searchsploit has because it will make it much easier for you to find exploits on your kali box. Depending on the target system you obtain access too you may not have the ability to transfer exploits or other tools you need to that system. Inkscape has a comprehensive tool set to edit paths as they are the basic element of a vector file :. Envelope Deformation is available via the Path Effects and provides a perspective effect.

There are more than a dozen of these live path effects. LPE can be stacked onto a single object and have interactive live on canvas and menu-based editing of the effects. Inkscape’s primary format is SVG 1. Most notably, it does not support animation natively. Formats that used the UniConvertor library are not supported beyond the 1. A workaround is to have a parallel installation of version 0.

The latest version of Inkscape 1. As of [update] , Wacom tablet support for GTK 3 is in a reviving project. Version 1. TechRadar gave Inkscape a positive rating of four stars out of five.

It lauded the wide range of editing tools and support for many file formats, but noted that the application’s processing can be slow. It considered Inkscape to be a good free alternative to proprietary graphics editors such as Adobe Illustrator.

It criticized the interface’s graphics and lack of optimization for stylus support, the application’s poor interoperability with other graphics editors, unwieldy text formatting controls, and the quality of the Mac version.

However, it did praise the ability to add custom filters and extensions, the Inkscape community’s passion for creating and sharing them, and the precise path and placement tools.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Vector graphics editor. This article relies too much on references to primary sources. Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources. January Learn how and when to remove this template message. Inkscape 1. This section is in list format but may read better as prose. You can help by converting this section , if appropriate.

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