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VEGAS Pro vs. Adobe Premiere Pro: Key Features Compared

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Alina g October 6, at AM. Sara November 12, at PM. Sara December 24, at PM. Patchfreepc January 10, at AM. Nadir Bro January 13, at PM. Patch March 14, at PM. Unknown April 8, at AM. Haris June 3, at AM. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. I have got Sony Vegas Pro Please do not mind late post. Today I have got something which is going to blow your mind.

I love the fact that you buy the product, and it’s yours to keep for as long as you like. I have an Adobe subscription to their relatively inexpensive Lightroom and Photoshop photographer’s bundle, but their video editing suite is not cheap.

Every editing feature you could possibly need is included in the product with the sole exception as far as my needs are concerned of being able to automatically sync audio tracks by waveform – which I think should really be a standard feature.

It does away with the need to use a clapperboard to sync in post. Really enjoying the step up to the pro-level product, and the increase in quality using native ProRes gives.

I have big reservations with being sucked into the Apple ecosystem, so I was never going to migrate over to a Mac just to be able to use their Codec. This is a truly great product – keep up the good work Magix!

Vegas Pro 14 as its now called as Sony no longer own the brand is the first release by new owner Magix. Magix have been around some time with video editing software and make good software with a product for everyone. This one, as the ‘Pro’ suggests is aimed at professional’s, semi-professionals or enthusiastic amateurs. So there is a learning curve, but it’s not that steep. If you are just throwing some clips together this isn’t the programe for you, it would be like cracking a nut with a sledge hammer.

Installation is a breeze. Either use the disc or download the trial and activate it with the key. Getting going is straightforward. There are a lot of guided tutorials and introductions which are actually pretty good, and not just something bolted on as an after thought.

So investing an hour or two in these will pay dividends if you want to get seriously stuck in. The interface is slick and easy to follow with a lot of hand holding available if needed or full manual with access to a huge range of video and audioeffects. This software is easily pitched at the pro-sumer.

There’s nothing really you couldn’t do with this, and if there was something then you’d probably be looking at going studio level pro. First thing noticed was the preview window is faster without lagging behind as in the last trial version I had. The vignette video fx has made a comeback, this was part of Sony earlier version going back a few years Magix have bought out Sony software now.

The package includes additional software called ProDAD Mercalli version 4 Image Stabilizer which is ideal for fixing problems with video takes from sports events such as car racing, football, etc and you want the video to be more “Steady”.

When adding visual effects, sometimes you want the same effects to apply to the contents of multiple video tracks so that all of your image layers take on the same look. Premiere Pro offers similar functionality with Adjustment Layers. Cutting edge software takes advantage of advancements in artificial intelligence AI. For improved effects and even asset management, the integration of AI means a faster, more powerful, smoother workflow.

Use Colorization t o bring new life to black and white, archival, or other monochrome footage, and apply filters in styles like Picasso or Van Gogh with the new Style Transfer FX. Also take advantage of Adjustment Tracks and an Artificial Intelligence-powered toolkit. Find out how highly acclaimed director Macgregor created the revolutionary series of sci-fi short films One Minute Worlds.

You need good audio tools to give you the sound your visuals deserve. Most video editing apps have basic audio editing tools, but for full-featured audio editing, they require you to work in a separate app. Record and automate audio in a multitrack environment with input buses, professional metering, punch-in recording, and more. Premiere Pro offers multitrack audio tools and metering, but sends you elsewhere for the full DAW environment. From equalizers to compressors to noise gates and more, a solid collection of audio effects will let you sweeten and perfect your sound.

Assign audio tracks to buses and then adjust them all at once by applying effects or change the volume. Premiere Pro lets you assign tracks to submixes, but does not offer true buses.

Premiere Pro integrates with Adobe Audition within the Adobe CC suite but does not include it when used as a single app. Delivery of video these days can be in a number of different formats. A robust editing app gives you the choices you need to deliver the formats clients and platforms require.

Letting the computer do the work helps tremendously with productivity. Batch rendering allows you to export multiple files without having to manually start each one. Just set up the batch render and walk away.

Export and rendering take time, especially from complex projects. If you can leverage your graphics card to help carry some of the load, so much the better. Premiere Pro leverages the graphics card to render effects. Hardware video encoding is available for h. Are you looking to broadcast multi-camera events or live tours? Do you have ambitions to be a live vlogger or social influencer and want a little more dazzle?

Move beyond a single webcam and take advantage of multiple cameras, dynamic graphics, and video play-ins. Switch with ease between cameras and remote presenters.

Since the features and usage differ for each application and user, it is difficult to declare which one is better. When we conclude, it is not about which software is the best, but rather which one is best for you. Here we also discuss the key differences with infographics and comparison table. You may also have a look at the following articles to learn more —. By signing up, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Submit Next Question. Forgot Password? As we can see at first glance the two seem very comparable regarding the basic tools and utilities. The one glaring difference does not mentioned in the basic specs outlined above, however, is that Sony Vegas is a Windows-only product.

Premiere has versions for both Mac and Windows , and whilst the dominance of Apple within the creative industries is nowhere near what it once was, a sizable number of people still use the Mac platform, and for them, Vegas isn’t even an option without resorting to emulation, which is a processor-intensive operation like video editing is not really a viable solution. It is also important to consider that the spec-sheet itself doesn’t tell the whole story, with the audio and effect modules more advanced in Premiere , however, Vegas has the benefit of being a much easier program to get to grips with for anyone new to the video editing world, and although its abilities are perhaps ultimately not as sophisticated as Premiere, new users often find they get better results with Vegas due to the accessibility of its tools.

For the more experienced this is probably not a factor, but it is worth considering for newcomers. Once that initial barrier is overcome, however, I feel that the added functionality, workflow efficiency, and compatibility-out-of-the-box Premiere can deal with roughly double the number of media formats – of Adobe’s product makes it a superior product for long-term use.

The key here is long term, no one wants to relearn everything every couple of years, switching platforms endlessly searching for the ultimate product, so when making a choice for video editing I would always suggest that prospective users consider not just what they want now, but what they may want in the future. Vegas has the easier entry path, there is absolutely no question, however what if you later want the more sophisticated editing facilities?

If you switch then you still have to go through learning Premiere, after learning Vegas. Learning one piece of software is a better choice, so which one will fulfill future needs should be taken into account. There is also the issue of other production requirements.



VEGAS Pro 14 (PC) : Software – What Is Vegas Pro?


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Sony Vegas Pro 14 Edition Full Version Free Download – Tech Tut World – Vegas Pro: Strengths and Weaknesses

Summary: VEGAS pro gives you both option so you can decide which fits your needs best, whereas Premiere Pro is only available in subscription model. EDITING. In this article, we will compare Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere about workflow, output and usability, and you will see which one is better. I personally use Sony Vegas Pro for my video editing because it is easy & fast with user-friendly interface. There is no complexity like Adobe After Effects.