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Here you can perform almost anything you can do in InDesign. You can even import InDesign files. This software is simple to use and offers the function of publishing your designs to other sites. Посетить страницу MS Office Publisher, you will be able to create postcards, newsletters, brochures, etc.

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Adobe indesign cs6 test upwork answers free download


Print Presets. Document Setup. What is the keyboard shortcut to toggle between Normal and Preview screen modes? InDesign shows no errors on preflight but all of your graphics appear as grey boxes with a black “X”.

What is the cause? You are importing a graphic that InDesign does not support. The images are too high resolution for your video card. You have your display performance set to “fast display”. What needs to be created in order to create a nested style? A cell style and a paragraph style. A character style and a paragraph style. An object style. To move an InDesign object very precisely, you can change its X and Y position values.

Which of the following is true about this method? The X value represents the object’s vertical distance from the upper left corner of the page. A short cut to access the Transform panel is to double click the Free Transform Tool. You can change the X and Y values in either the Control panel or the Transform panel. The default zero point of an InDesign page is its center.

By default, an InDesign document Solid Saturated. Solid Coated. Solid Uncoated. Metallic Coated. True or False: Spell Check is under the Edit menu? What value is leading typically measured as?

What is the quick key for “Preview” mode? Press and drag with the Pen Tool. Holding the Shift key while you drag with the Line Tool. Holding the Option Alt tool as you drag with the Pencil Tool. What is the the Adobe equivalent of Mail Merge?

Data Import. Data Merge. Spreadsheet Data Input. Mail Merge. Why is CMS important between devices you are using? To help maintain and regulate colors. To keep your colors monochromatic. To Save the document properly. So the work flows properly. How could you set a text frame to ignore the text wrap set on a nearby item? Apply a greater text wrap value to the frame than the object.

Apply no text wrap to the frame. Check the Ignore text wrap box in Text Frame Options. Change the stacking order of the two items. How could you select the content inside of a frame for a photo? Direct Selection Tool. Hand Tool. Using the Gap Tool, you can adjust:. Spaces among multiple rows and columns of frames.

The size of an image so that it completely fills its frame. Tracking in justified text. The space between kerned letter pairs. Designate a Source and a Destination.

Add Start and Stop controllers. Select Up and Down states. What is the definition of a ligature? A complete set of characters.

Two glyphs combined to create a single glyph. Text that wraps around a graphic element. Automatic page numbering is:. Should never be be added on the Master Pages. Will not update if you add, delete or rearrange pages in your document. How do you remove a single effect from an object? Select the object and open the Effects dialog box. Then unselect the checkmark next to the effect you want to remove. Select the effect in the Effects panel and press the Clear Effect button in the Effects panel.

Select the effect in the Effects panel and press Clear Effect in the Effects panel menu. Both work fine. Neither, TIFFs. What are the shortcut keys to zoom in and out of a document? What is the keyboard shortcut for the Rotate Tool? When does an overset cell occur? When the cell dimensions are too small for the content. When using the text tool. When the cell dimensions are to big for the content.

When the cell is broken. When creating a new InDesign document, what do the “Intent” options include? Bleed and Slug. Landscape or Portrait. Columns and Margins. What does a Round Join do?

Creates squared corners that abut the endpoints. What is the keyboard shortcut to center a picture in a frame? How do you ignore the text wrap when placing an image in a table?

Create new panel layer. Select Align Options. Select Options— Text Wrap— Select no text wrap option. When you drag a swatch to the trashcan icon, what happens? InDesign replaces the color with Black. InDesign replaces the color with Paper. InDesign asks what swatch you’d like to replace the deleted swatch. InDesign replaces the color with None. What panel allows you to modify the horizontal scale on a block of text?

What is the keyboard shortcut to switch between Normal View and Preview Mode? Alt W. Cmd W. Shift W. Ctrl W. Always drag and drop. Never drag and drop. Copy and print.

InDesign’s preferences. Which of the following is one way to create guides in InDesign? You cannot create guides. Draw lines. How do you change the display to highest quality? How can you use the Paste Board? Store items you aren’t using. Store copied items. To toggle an area of your document pasteable. To print a copy of all used items. InDesign tables What is the term for the area outside the boundaries of a document?

InDesign’s Character Styles are designed to be used to What typographic unit is half the width of an em? Shearing an object in InDesign does which of the following? Crops it by using a clipping mask. Slants it along its horizontal axis. Crops it by using a smaller frame.

Removes fuzzy, pixelated edges of imported photos. Drop shadows can be applied to objects by selecting which of the following. The Fx button in the Effects panel.

The Fx Button in the Control panel. Drop Shadow What is the shortcut for automatic numbering of the pages? What does the term slug refer to? The space between columns of text in your document. The area inside of an object that is currently selected in your document. The outside margin of your document that allows for graphics to be printed all the way to the edge.

Extra area outside of your document, usually on the bottom, that contains information about your document. What is the keyboard shortcut for show and hide rulers? The use of True Type fonts. The use of an incorrect color model. Lack of bleeds. Incorrect page margins. The Links panel:. Offers a list of online resources.

Adds hyperlinks to the document. Flows text among multiple frames. Provides image meta-data. The Step and Repeat command can be used to:. Automatically reapply Paragraph Styles when updating linked text files. Instantly create rows or columns of evenly spaced duplicate objects. Repeat scripted actions across multiple documents. Load TOC Styles from other documents to build new tables of contents with the same settings and formatting.

When imposing a document for booklet printing, the creep value Usually a spot color cannot be deleted because. What is the keyboard shortcut to bring an object to front? What is the short cut key to create outlines? The Convert Direction Point Tool is useful for:.

Changing the style of the Direct Select Tool from the default to a custom cursor. Reversing the direction of text flow from right to left. Swapping the tip and end points of an arrow. In which window do you check the ink limit of your document? Object Styles.

Separations Preview. Flattener Preview. How can you “reach through” objects to select items lower in the stacking order? Change the view to outline mode. You can’t reach through objects. You must move them aside. Use the Direct Select Tool.

When you print your document, there seems to be a white box around items that have drop shadows around them, but only where the box intersects with text. What is going on? You forgot to save your document as a PDF version 5. All of these could be causing this issue. The color space of your drop shadow does not match that of your text. Overprinting or Simulate Overprinting has not been turned on.

Crop Marks. Bleed Marks. Registration Marks. Color Bars. What will be produced when clicking in two different locations with the Pen tool? A straight line if shift is held. Two Anchor Points. A Path Segment. From which file format can you export styles to another document? How do you add a panel to a group? Drag it. What is the shortcut key for ‘Rotate’? When printing, what ink mixture produces the best results for a rich black. To view a tool’s shortcuts and modifier keys:.

Select the tool in the Toolbox, then click Help. Shift-click the tool in the Toolbox. What is the keyboard equivalent for an EM space. Comanc Shift N. Command Shift M. Command Option Shift M. Command Option X. Can you create different page sizes in one InDesign document? Yes, in the Pages menu. Yes, under Document Setup. Yes, in the Preferences panel.

Which of these commands is not available in the transform window? To create a single guideline that spans a two-page spread To create your own interactive buttons in InDesign you must first To resize an anchored object, which tool can be used?

Direct Select Tool. Selection or Direct Selection Tool. Hand tool. How do you create a hyperlink? InDesign’s search and replace tool includes what powerful feature? GREP global regular expression print. Automatic language translation. Automatic hyphen insertion. Matte value. Alpha channel. Layer mask. Filter effects. To replace a font with another font use Character panel.

Change Case. Find Font. To properly add an image or graphic file in InDesign you should almost always All of the answers are correct. Locking an object prevents it from being accidently moved. You can still select and modify the color of locked objects. To apply an effect to text you must first How many colors are typically used to produce magazine photographs?

What does a Butt Cap do? Ends a line flush with the beginning and ending anchor points. What does a Round Cap do? How can you quickly select an entire paragraph of text in InDesign? Click the text in the paragraph four times with the Type Tool. Command Mac or Ctrl Win click the paragraph. Hold the shift key and click the first word in the paragraph. To create a custom baseline grid for a particular text frame.

Click the magnet icon in the control panel while the Type tool is selected. If your text is selected as a black swatch, but it’s outputting in all four colors, what will fix it? In Preferences, “Appearance of Black”.

Under Type, “Output Black”. A setting in the swatch flyout panel. What does the RGB colorspace create when the colors are mixed together in their maximum amounts? What does a Miter Join do? Connects all endpoints in a closed loop provided the resulting line will not overlap itself. Use the Tags panel to:. Create short notes containing document-specific handling information.

Create, append, or clear metadata. What does a nested style do? Creates a character style that uses symbols. Overrides the paragraph style options. Applies certain formatting to specific areas of text. Creates a paragraph style based on a character style.

What does a Projecting Cap do? What hot key will temporarily change the Pen tool to the Convert Direction Point tool while drawing? Space bar. How do you paste an object in place? What’s the shortcut to bold a font? What is listed in the Structure pane? All of the styles used in a layout. All the tools available in InDesign. All the page numbers. All of the tagged objects used in a layout. You want to save a group of 10 special characters from several different fonts that you frequently need to insert into your InDesign file.

Which feature will accomplish this without an external file? Conditional Text. Find Fonts. Character Styles. What is optical kerning based on? What is the keyboard shortcut for applying a bullet point? Ctrl 8. The Structure pane displays, in hierarchical form, items in a document that have been marked with what? XML tags. HTML tags. Meta tags. Which function is used to keep lines of text together when flowing text on magazine columns?

Keep Options. Paragraph Styles. Renders a representation of the text without showing the individual glyphs. There is no such feature. Converts the text to Greek letters. Inserts the familiar “Lorem ipsum Underlines words on screen that might be hard for readers to understand. Inserting a “Flush Space” will:. Align the paragraph flush towards the document spine. Add a small indent in the current paragraph. Add a variable amount of space to the last line of a fully justified paragraph.

Makes all spaces in the current paragraph fixed-width. Are InDesign scripts compatible with existing PageMaker scripts? Yes, as a PageMaker file.

It depends on the computer. Which path type consists of a single open or closed path? Compound shapes. Simple paths. Under which menu would you adjust the appearance of black? What is the shortcut for Text Frame Options?

Which screen shows non printing marks? How do you select a line of text with the Type tool? Quadruple click anywhere in the line. Quintuple click anywhere in the line. Triple click anywhere in the line. Click anywhere in the line. Double click anywhere in the line. The shortcut to hide an object on the page is? What is the default auto-leading amount? Single Spacing. Double Spacing.

To clear frame fitting options, you must:. What can be done with the InDesign Scissors Tool? It slices through closed shapes. It slices pages to prepare them for a web page. It cuts paths. How do you select all of the text in a block of text? Click anywhere in the text block. Double click anywhere in the text block. Click next to the text box. Quintuple click anywhere in the text block.

Triple click anywhere in the text block. To change the typeface of text within the context of your document, select the text and then:. Highlight the typeface name in the control panel and press the up or down arrow. Either highlight in the control panel and press the up or down arrow, OR use the drop down menu in the Character panel.

Hold the option key and press the up or down arrow. Use the drop down menu in the Character panel to change the typeface. Column and margin guides:. Are non-printing, by default. Are not modifiable once set in the New Document dialog box. When exporting a print PDF you cannot:. Use Slug area. Create automatic Bleed marks.

Flatten transparency. Output “text as black”. What keyboard shortcut allows you to magnify an area of an InDesign document? Scale Tool. Eyedropper Tool. What is the “target” layer? A layer that has not yet been created. The workspace. The layer with the Pen icon in the layers panel. The layer with the bullseye on it. A plus sign next to a paragraph style indicates that:. Local formatting has been applied.

There is overset text. The selected text was imported without its original formatting. The style is in use on multiple pages. What is the shortcut for the Gap Tool? In order to retain transparency without flattening, a file should be saved as a:. Which keyboard shortcut allows you to toggle between the Convert Direction Point tool and the Direct Selection tool? Ctrl or Command. What happens by default to the bottom color when you place one ink color over another? Knock Out. What is the keyboard shortcut to clear all manual kerning and reset the tracking to 0?

How can this be accomplished? By assigning a spot color to the X. By copying the X, pasting it in place and assigning a spot color to it. It cannot be done in InDesign. By coping the X, pasting it in place and setting the blending mode to multiply. Creating a new swatch called “varnish” and filling the X with it. Where do you use a flush space? With special characters at the beginning of the paragraph. With special characters at the end of the paragraph. With special characters in the middle of the paragraph.

To modify the settings of a previously applied effect you must first do what in the Effects dialog box? Click on the checkbox next to the name fo the effect to activate its settings. Press the Fx button next to the effect name. Click on the name of the effect to activate its settings. Select Global Light so all effects will use the same light source. What Page Size should you set for print documents? Number of pages in the document. Final trim size of paper.

Page size plus bleed and slug allowance. Page size plus bleed allowance. Which of these is not a Corner Option? Inverse Beveled. Inverse Rounded. An object’s stroke is measured in Command -. Command f8. Which of the following is one way to access and set Bleed and Slug Guides? Enter a negative number in the Margins fields. More Options in the New Document dialog box. Flare Tool. Polar Grid Tool. Which of the following is not a valid text variable type?

Custom Text. Metadata Caption. Chapter Name. Running Header. File Name. To add a movie or a sound file to an InDesign document select. What happens when the ruler is double clicked? Preferences window opens. The zero point is set to where you click.

A guide is created at that point. The ruler units change. Which is not a valid start or end for a stroke? Threaded text. Linked graphics. Another table. Anchored objects. The process of adjusting the amount of space between a group of letters to affect density in a line or block of text is called:.

Which function can the Color palette perform that the Swatches palette cannot? Create a Mixed Ink. Create a spot color. Mix a tint of a spot color. Load a color set. What is the shortcut for the Line Tool? What is the short cut key to open the preflight panel? What is the keyboard shortcut to switch between open documents? Which option below is not allowed by the separations preview? Individual Color Views. Total Ink Limits. Desaturate Black. Overprint Adjustments. Show Single Plates In Black.

How would you select all of the “cells” inside a table? Click the Type tool on the upper-right corner of the table. Click the Type tool on the upper-left corner of the table. Use Direction tool and draw a box around entire table to select it. Quickest way to edit an image from InDesign:. When exporting a layout that contains movies or sounds as a PDF, what is the oldest version that you choose? Acrobat 4 PDF 1. Acrobat 6 PDF 1. Acrobat 5 PDF 1. Acrobat 3 PDF 1. The InDesign Control Panel:.

Is where you access the preflight menu. Is contextual. Shows what document page you are viewing. Contains all of InDesign’s tools. Where is the ‘Text Wrap’ window found? How many pages can you create in a single document? What may the Fit Content to Frame option do? Distort the content. Change the frame size. Crop the content. The keyboard shortcut used to open the Go To Page dialog box is To apply an effect you must select The panel used to create complex shapes in InDesign is:.

Polygon panel. Shapes panel. The Pathfinder panel. Transform panel. What is the keyboard shortcut on a MAC for switching between color modes? Shift – click color bar. The Color panel in InDesign is used to do which of the following? Store colors to use again later. Build gradients. Mix new colors. Text can be converted to outlines through:. Selecting the text and clicking Cmd-Shift-O. When you import a Photoshop file into InDesign.

Clipping paths will not be available. The Photoshop layers will be automatically flattened. You can control the visibility of layers and layer comps. Where in the menu can you set the document to RGB? When using GREP search, the? Performs a reverse search. Turns on “Single line mode”. Finds the shortest match for the expression. Ignores all whitespace. Which of the following is not a path effect?

Stair Step. A color will automatically add itself to the swatches palette when it is What is the keyboard shortcut for adding effects? An em is a unit of measurement equal to:. Twice the currently specified point size. The point size, with a 1px border added to top and bottom. The currently specified point size. Half of the currently specified point size. What does the Convert Direction Point tool do?

Sets the insertion point of a text path. Changes the direction of path. Change a corner point to a smooth point. Selects an anchor point so you can edit it. Word and letter spacing can be customized in what panel? Character Styles panel. Pharagraph Styles panel.

Object Styles panel. It is automatically set up by setting the kerning to optical. Justification panel. When editing text in indesign, the keyboard shortcut Command-Y does what to the table? Highlights all text in the table.

Copies the highlighted text. Creates indents in each paragraph. Creates a new screen to edit and view the text in. Highlights spelling errors. What is metric kerning based on? What is the keyboard shortcut for the Free Transform Tool? What is the keyboard shortcut for the selection tool?

V, or Esc. V, or option. Which is a content option for a frame? Send object to back. Swatch Panel. Baseline Tool. How do you add a period before the double quote? Which of the following interactive functions will export to Flash but not interactive PDF? Go To Next View.

View Zoom. Go To Next Page. Go To Page. How could you create a drop cap in InDesign so that it updates if the text is edited?

Select and enlarge the font size of the first letter in a paragraph. Create a separate text box for the drop cap and embed it in the paragraph. Enter a value for number of lines in the Drop Cap field on the Control Panel.

If you clicked ‘Don’t show again’ on the InDesign welcome screen, how can you bring it back? When moving InDesign from one computer to another, it is important to first use:. The grid takes precedence. The guides take precedence. Neither grid nor guides take precedence. Complete the following sentence.

All of the above. In Adobe Illustrator CC , which of the following panels allows you to change the options for the blending mode? Layer panel Transparency panel Gradient panel Color panel In Adobe Illustrator CC , which of the following options are the minimum and maximum bleed values that can be set in an artwork?

Chamfer corner. Which of the following options is used to combine objects so that they are considered as a single unit? Click the point with the Direct Selection tool.

Drag a boundary around the anchor points by using the Direct Selection tool. Drag around the anchor points by using the Lasso tool. Live Color Blend Filter Gradient Which of the following tools is used to cut objects along a freehand path drawn with it, and to divide objects into component-filled faces?

Scissors Pathfinder Knife Knife In Adobe Illustrator CC , which of the following keyboard shortcuts allows you to open the file information dialog box? Adobe Illustrator CC flattens an artwork that contains transparency when you perform the following options, except for: saving your file as Adobe PDF 1.

In Adobe Illustrator CC , which of the following keyboard shortcuts is used to switch through drawing modes? They fall under which of the following options? Blending options Distort effects Image adjustments Layer modes Adobe Illustrator CC has three screen mode options that allow a user to change the view of the illustration window and menu bar. Which of the following modes is NOT included?

Number of Artboards. Orientation, Color Mode, None of the above. Stroke Line Fill Outline Style In Adobe Illustrator CC , which of the following tools will you use if you want to reshape an object in your artwork by randomly curving and distorting path segments inward and outward? Adobe Illustrator CC supports only the. In Adobe Illustrator CC , there is a tool that lets you color each path segment and enclosed path of your artwork freely. Which tool are we talking about? They cannot be used on which of the following objects?

Preset warp shape Mesh grid Graph In Adobe Illustrator CC , all object transformations are performed around a fixed point called the: center point. Which of the following blending modes is used to darken the base color in order to reflect the blend color? Color bum Darken Color Dodge Multiply If you are currently working in the perspective drawing mode in an artwork, then which of the following will NOT comply with the perspective grid?

Line group tool Rectangle group tool Flare tool None of the above. You can apply a clipping mask to non-vector objects.