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Adobe photoshop cc 2015 portable did not close properly free download.Did not close properly last time, but who cares?

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Platform Please donate. Moderator Note : This topic is outdated. The PortableApps. This is the message I get after restarting my PC and opening some apps. I know the problem is that I let Windows Windows 7 btw close the apps when I shut down my computer and it doesn’t occur if I close the apps manually before the shutdown. But this isn’t very cool because I often have 4 or 5 apps open.

Do you know any solving for this or some workaround? Maybe some software that closes everything properly before the shutdown of windows. I can’t see the point in starting it again manually after the cleanup. I want to write some script later that autostarts my apps on windowsstartup, but this message would really be a trouble for the script.

Currently no way to stop this happening, but John has stated that a release some time in the near future will detect Windows shutdown and close apps appropriately.

Regarding the autostart on Windows startup, if you are running the platform from a local install, you can have the platform start with Windows, and within the platform, if you right click an app, you can set it to run automatically on platform startup, giving you the effect you are after. We’re going to have the platform detect a windows shutdown and close itself properly. We’re also going to enable the platform to properly close its own apps.

But if you have multiple apps running and tell windows to shutdown, whether local or portable, it will essentially crash all the apps that are not shutdown aware. Is there any workaround? Maybe some software like the DShutdown Portable with the ability to close all programms properly? Like I said, the platform will be able to shutdown all portable apps. You just have to close it first once we add this feature. Apps themselves either properly respond to requests to close and do or sit there and windows itself kills them.

For apps that don’t have the ability to be closed externally, no additional utility can fix that. Any news on this? Its really annoying always having to twice start a portable App because at first time it gives this error message. Until the functionality is baked in, close your apps. If you don’t, you’re crashing some of them and likely losing data. You should do the same with local Windows apps as well as many apps don’t close properly on Windows shutdown most browsers, for instance though they won’t let you know about this on next start.

Instead of notifying the user that the app must be restarted, can PAM do the restart and then notify the user that it was done? It amazes me that on the internet you can be anything you want, and yet so many people still choose to be idiots. We need to let the user know they did a bad thing. And the point is that you should never do it again after seeing that message. We don’t want to make it easier for a user to do bad things and lose data.

The point of computing isn’t to tell users what they cannot do. You will find that the vast majority of computer users will shut down their computer without closing every application they have open, especially ones that are only shown in the task bar do you sign out of Skype before shutting down your computer for instance?

Forcing the user to do things in your specific fashion is not good usability. As you have stated, you should catch the shutdown event and the launchers should do their clearing up then. However, a very, very simple alternative to this is to not show the error message “[ Maybe you explain to the user that this is not the optimal way to run their computer but that is up to them; it is their choice and you shouldn’t stop them from doing things their way.

I hope you get around to putting a “fix” in for this, even if it is just a toggle button somewhere that says “Warn me when the application is not closed properly”.

Users would be much more put off if they were to run the app and shutdown without properly closing it, and lose data in doing so without being warned. Instead of “I’m annoyed you are telling me I am doing something wrong” you would get “I’m absolutely furious I lost data by doing something I didn’t know was wrong when you should have warned me”. Which is why I suggested a option that says “Warn me when the application is not closed properly”.

It allows the user to choose what they want instead of forcing them one way or the other. Developer speak for runtime only non-persistent. The bad thing is, we’ll then have no way to warn users. Of course, as those users gradually lose data, have apps that suddenly won’t start and corrupt their drives, they’ll likely figure it out for themselves. We’ll likely add a warning that you can’t turn off to the platform warning of an unsafe eject on previous run and why you should never, ever unsafe eject.

Possibly follow it with a scan for errors. We will at some point add in code to automatically shutdown apps and the platform on Windows shutdown, but it is not complete yet.

Unless you are volunteering to assist with that and know Delphi. Also and VERY important is that you just claimed that if a user doesn’t use the application the way you want them to, it will start “corrupting their drives” and you won’t even warn them!!! Most viruses do less damage than that. I haven’t programmed in Delphi before but it shouldn’t be too hard to learn. It is obvious that this project needs some love and attention, but I will have to consider whether I can fit it in with my other current projects.

Unsafely ejecting a drive, the most common reason for an app to yield the ‘not closed correctly’ message can corrupt any drive and is just about the worst thing you can do if you use portable software. Unsafely ejecting a drive while apps are running will corrupt data in those apps. Windows shutdown doesn’t even close local apps correctly and many apps will lose some data if you don’t close them first. I’ve had this happen even with local apps like Firefox.

And any apps Windows can’t close apps that don’t hook into the OS to monitor for a Windows shutdown , Windows just full-on crashes so you lose data.

You should close your apps first. As already explained, an upcoming version of the platform will support automatically shutting down apps in PA. The mutex I am referring to is a system-wide mutex that operates in memory within Windows.

It is runtime only and non-persistent. That’s how the next version of the launcher tracks to ensure multiple copies are running, rather than the INI runtime file. Now please stop with the irrational indignation and insults. I’m not sure where you are even getting assumptions about our software corrupting drives or it not being customizable especially when customization isn’t even a part of this discussion. You’ve been a member here for 11 hours. However, I can see that un-safe ejection of a drive is large problem and the user must be made aware of this.

My complaint is that you obviously have a clean-up procedure the error message says as much yet you make a user start the application up twice in order to invoke it and there is no way to disable the error message. I apologise that my tone has not been very gentle and for such a small piece of functionality as this it really seems not worth it.

I just like software to be completly polished clean, especially in regards to user interaction. You guys are doing a great job, keep it up.

The user loses data due to unsafe ejections and apps crashing. And corrupts their drive due to unsafe ejects which also corrupts app data. It’s nothing to do with the software. We have no actual cleanup procedure, just a detection that things went very wrong the last time you ran it and the app was crashed. This was due to either pulling the drive without closing software, letting Windows go to sleep which is much the same thing , shutting down Windows without closing apps, or using a 3rd party eject utility that force-closes apps akin to purposely crashing them and a horrible idea.

The user message can’t be disabled because it shouldn’t be. It’s telling you that you did something you should never ever do in the hopes that you don’t do it again. A responsible software engineer should never make it easy for a user to intentionally damage their own data. Just the mutex change requires a bit of work as it’s nearly 7, lines of code to create this launcher that can portablize hundreds of apps without the need to write code.

Sure, we could just hide all of this and let the user think things are ok so they aren’t annoyed with messages, but that’s not the way we work. A user’s data, privacy and safety come first.

I believe that users “should” have an option to disable those messages. I have misbehaving apps, namely uTorrent and 2X Client, those can’t seem to handle proper termination. I use those almost daily and when I’m turning off the PC, I have to manually turn off uTorrent at least 20seconds before shutdown. With 2X Client its even worse. These apps don’t have anything sensitive inside. Right now, as my morning routine, I’m closing two warning dialog boxes these apps create on start, and starting them after that again No one is “Forcing” the user to do anything.

Or a user may decide that reading a book is a better choice. Congratulations on a successful application of reductio ad absurdum. My point was only to bring up the fact that this launcher and platform allows for little customisation.

So if we want to use this platform we have to stick the decisions the developers made for us. From the perspective of an ordinary user Nothing is keeping you here. If you feel that strongly about the project, then either help or use the door.

Anything else detracts from the actual work being performed. Good grief!!


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I doubt there is anything that can be done about http://replace.me/22396.txt. Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you’re awesome! As you have stated, you should catch the shutdown event and the launchers should do their clearing up then. Theoretically I benefit from having the apps installed on my computer but practically it is better for portabe. Are your applications showing as trials? See Disable the GPU to quickly narrow down the нажмите чтобы перейти.


Adobe photoshop cc 2015 portable did not close properly free download.Photoshop cc 2015 get into pc


PNotes portable, for instance, just runs flawlessly. S: thanks John anyway for all of this: the portable apps, the website, all the work that’s been done.

PNotes uses an old custom launcher instead of the PortableApps. So, apps like that are still crashing and not cleaning up after themselves if they need to, but they aren’t showing you a message to that effect as we didn’t use to track it. It is ok that the apps have to clean up after a crash. It is ok that the user gets notified about this. It is not ok to force the user to click this annoying button to close the notification. This way autostarting apps after a crash is not possible.

I agree that the user needs to know that they did a bad thing, but it disturbs usability that you force the user to see the notification, click “OK” and then let them open the app AGAIN! At least the app should start after clicking the “Ok”-button. Even better would be a five seconds automatic close.

Your “the user did a bad thing and have to know it”-answer is pretty stubborn. It is always possible to find a compromise. Making it automatically continue would require rewriting a significant chunk of the PA.

This seems unnecessary when the workaround is easy and straightforward close your apps. Once this is done, it renders this issue moot. I am long time Portable Apps user and truly love it. I came here because I can not stand anymore closing my taskbar apps manually.

I sincerely am bored with all those extra clicks for either closing the apps or clicking twice on next boot in order to relaunch them. When I see the app, I usually close it manually, but don’t want to think about apps I don’t see, it is causing me the unnecessary burden now. Because of this, when I shut the computer and the second later I realize I didn’t close my apps properly, it bothers me and I now it will also bother me next time I start the computer.

This is becoming a real psychological problem for me to the point I’m thinking about switching back to normal apps that do not force their workflow on me. It is that bad. With all due respect, I don’t care if they didn’t close properly and if they have to clean up or do the laundry. I don’t want to click on them to start or stop them.

I want the startup to be automatic whether they are crashed or not. I want to be responsible for the data loss. I want to concentrate on my work, not on something that should be transparent to me. It is getting in my way. You are talking for many months now about the ability to intelligently shut down apps, it must be difficult to implement, you can keep the actual behavior if that please you, just gave us the checkbox that we can untick meanwhile and forget this issue.

That message box is not there only to inform you that you crashed the app. It’s there because we just restored the computer’s state good luck if you’re in another computer and we can’t restart the app by ourselves the Platform could, in theory. It’s a technical issue. I really don’t understand the issue but I trust you completely and I know that you are skilled developers. A simple “we know it’s painful usability issue, but we don’t know how to fix it” instead of “it is meant to work this way, you are the culprit, you need to adapt or the punishment is two clicks each time” would be great for starters.

I hope you get the message, and good luck with coding. First, please refrain from the “we don’t know how to fix it” insinuations as they are counterproductive. It’s not a matter of not knowing how. It’s a matter of it requiring a significant re-code of the launcher which would mean development time away from other things. It’s a lower priority as it doesn’t affect most users and, for those it does affect, the workaround is simple and effective: close your apps.

As such, pulling limited development time volunteer, unpaid, spare time, etc from more critical issues doesn’t make sense for us as a project. This will be done in an upcoming release, but no date has been set as we are juggling a lot of features and functionality plus the large task of keeping apps flowing. I didn’t meant to be harsh to you, I really think you are skilled and will eventually find a solution.

Meanwhile, please understand that it is also counterproductive to ask users to adapt to flawed workflows, at least as much as telling a developer he doesn’t know how to fix a problem. I am sorry if it sounds bad and apologize for that, I didn’t meant to be mean, just wanted to highlight the usability problem in an a wrong manner. At least make optional this feature. Is it possible to provide this new ability from command line, or through a shortcut on the platform folder?

Then users with a local install could include a call to this ability in a logoff script and avoid the crashes. I understand that the better way to avoid this problem is closing all apps before the shutdown, but is very easy to forget closing some applications that runs in background, as AutoHotkey, specially when they are open automatically during startup.

The functionality is built into the platform and will be advertised to the platform via the appinfo. The actual functionality to remotely close is not included in the PortableApps. Whether the app itself responds to a shutdown command is up to how each individual app itself some apps have a command line, some can accept a Windows Message, some simply can’t be shutdown externally and will crash.

I won’t accept rules like “we will teach you to close programs properly by spamming you with useless errors and making you do extra [needless] efforts to run the program again”. Keep in mind, that every app that is crashed will likely leave things behind on the local PC and may lose data, which is the whole point of displaying the error.

Losing data and leaving personal data behind seem like a good reason to let a user know about it. Just because you don’t care about your data, doesn’t mean other users don’t either.

As already discussed to death we would like to have a simple OK you click that relaunches but that would require significantly re-writing PAL and simply isn’t on the plate time-wise for our volunteer developers. If a crash already happened – there’s nothing one can do with that. So showing error is useless. You may show a warning that disappears by timer in the parallel to automatic cleaning and re-executing the app, if you’d like to teach users so bad. Oh, seems like I’ve missed your final decision, since clicking OK to relaunch the app seem fine to me.

If the user shut down the PC without closing their apps and crashed them, they very well may not know that they did crash them, hence the error. It will also happen if a user unsafe ejects sometimes without realizing it or is using a flaky PC that has USB ports with a short. Generally, it’s almost always users who don’t know that it happened. The only situation where it’s a user who already knows is when it’s a user who closes Windows without closing their apps and doesn’t care that they may lose data, which is a small percentage of the people who see the error.

And, if you look through this long topic, we’ve stated multiple times that we’d like to be able to show the error, click OK, and then launch, but that causes issues with the way PAL is currently written and the way environment variables are passed and state is kept track of and is even more complicated with admin apps. It will thus require a significant rewrite of PAL to handle which will require a decent amount of time to complete, time which they do not currently have.

And, since this error is both easily preventable by closing apps properly and shutting down all your apps properly within the platform is on the plate for a future release, it’s unnecessary. All of this has been discussed multiple times in this topic.

Unfortunately, it is AutoIT-based, so many corporate and university antivirus scanners will delete it when you try to run it. As there are no useful suggestions being added at this point other than random people posting multiple comments at a time rehashing old points using disposable email accounts reminder: disposable email accounts aren’t permitted here , I am closing this thread for comments.

In closing, let me reiterate these points again:. Skip to main content. Topic locked. Last post. August 20, – am. Last seen: 8 years 5 months ago. Joined: Please then start [ I used the search function; couldn’t find any suitable thread for my problem. Thanks a lot and kind regards rinolt.

Ken Herbert. Last seen: 2 min 25 sec ago. Currently no way to stop this. John T. Last seen: 36 sec ago. Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you’re awesome!

August 20, – pm. Ok, thanks for the reply. Kind regards rino. January 4, – am. Last seen: 3 years 3 months ago. Any news? Close It. Last seen: 5 months 3 weeks ago. January 18, – am. Last seen: 9 years 5 months ago. The point of computing isn’t. Unfortunately you sometimes. Unfortunately you sometimes have to look from the negative point of view as a software designer.

Which is why I suggested a. PAL Update. January 18, – pm. Unsafe Ejects. I did not assume your. I did not assume your software corrupts drives. You stated And it is not an assumption to state that the software lacks user customisation. October 2, – am. Last seen: 3 weeks 2 days ago.

Last seen: 2 years 8 months ago. Congratulations on a. J Neutron. Last seen: 1 month 2 weeks ago. Simple Answer. May 16, – am. Last seen: 9 years 1 month ago. I get this when I DO close it properly. May 16, – pm. Some apps take a while up to. You’re right that it’s taking. Doing Anything?

Is there disk or CPU activity from Opera while it’s happening? Another thing that keeps nagging me is that “xyz did not close properly last time” popup. It mostly happens the next portable app launch after I shutdown the PC without quitting the app. If it is, why does it require user input to click OK? What I’m supposed to confirm?

Why not just relaunch the app on it’s own? If it is SO important, attach an auto-close timer to this popup and relaunch the app. It’s really frustrating having to make 3 clicks instead of one to launch an app. Plus they won’t work from there in any modern version of Windows at all unless you disable UAC please don’t, for security’s sake.

If you really want to do this and analyze the code of PAL and PAI, you will find something you can do on your personal PC to allow using it that way anyway.

Note that this is completely unsupported. Hmm, not sure I agree with the future planned direction of PortableApps not having you interact with that message unless it’s ‘togglable’ to always wait for my response – it’s saved my bacon a few times.

I read this and the linked page mostly out of curiosity to find out anything more about what happens when that message shows up but I do know that it stops me in my tracks and reminds me to hunt for any data I can rescue before I click ‘OK.

I have a cat who knows full well that laptops are ‘made of warm’ and she’s managed to shut it down or kill programs on occasions when I’ve forgotten to protect the laptop before walking away and if it weren’t for that message, I wouldn’t have remembered to hunt out files with data and back them up before hitting OK.

Although most apps I use do successfully retrieve data from things I’ve been working on, that’s not always the case and there have been occasions where letting PortableApps do the clean-up before grabbing what I can would have resulted in lost work. I love programs that let you do incremental saves and keeping them until you intentionally quit – she’s also good at highlighting and overwriting huge chunks of my saved work and on at least one occasion managed to save the changes.

The crash report says: “Adobe Photoshop CC has stopped working and will now close. Windows is collecting more information about the problem. This may take several minutes Does it ever display what the crashing module is? If not, look in the system event viewer, or in reliability reports.

The detailed crash log will have the name of the faulting module. Just so you know the comment windows is looking for a solution to this problem, has never resulted in a solution being recommended to me. Ha ha. My update Photoshop CC is doing the same thing. I tried saving and a Save As before I closed the photo. I am working in Windows 7 Pro I did all the updates – didn’t help.

Same problem here: Running Windows 7, current updates in place: Log reads: Faulting application name: Photoshop. Adam, This solution did work for me. This keeps photoshop from opening again and also takes up memory. Work around for this is to go into task manager and “end task” the process.

Running Photoshop CC on Windows Like Comment Follow. Same problem here on Win7. I find this happen on my machine at times when the Creative Desktop Application is a windows background task.

I normally do not have the Creative Cloud desktop load when I start windows on my Workstation. Same here, Windows 10 Pro x


Adobe photoshop cc 2015 portable did not close properly free download


Mon, Jan 11, AM. The latest version is now showing the same problem. The previous version worked okay and shutdown okay. Photoshop’s GPU requirements have increased for Photoshop: Problem with closing Photoshop. Photoshop won’t close because of a faulty save.

Photoshop will not close. Photoshop won’t print and closes down when I try. Photoshop won’t open image. Adobe Photoshop Family. Photoshop process gets stuck. Does not close after closing photoshop. Photoshop process stays in task manager indefinitely after closing. This keeps photoshop from opening again and also takes up memory. Work around for this is to go into task manager and “end task” adobe photoshop cc 2015 portable did not close properly free download process. Running Photoshop CC on Windows Like Comment Follow.

Same problem here on Win7. I find this happen on my machine at times when жмите Creative Desktop Application is a windows background task. I normally do not have the Creative Cloud desktop load when I start windows on my Workstation. Same here, Windows 10 Pro x Actually only noticed this because Adobe update manager warned adobe photoshop cc 2015 portable did not close properly free download that photoshop was open?

I switched to task manager and sure enough there it http://replace.me/12487.txt Me too. Windows 10 Pro x Really annoying if you основываясь на этих данных in and out of PS a lot. Are you getting any Program errors? Cancel Post. Related Conversations.

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